Do you dream of
dark love?

An exploration of the darker side of love

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What is dark love?
Is it about the music or the love?

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So what is Dark Love?

Dark Love is a passion. It's a passion for passionate love. It's a passion for love songs.

Dark Love is all about the music. It's all about the love; and the darkness.

Dark Love is songs and stories of a dark world; painted in dark tones.

Dark Love is a new music; different; new. Music for the dark hearted. Music for the romantic.

Dark Love is music about our world; your world. The world you want to be part of.

Our songs sing of love for those who are unlovable.

Love for those who reject the throwaway world outside.

Love for those who know they don't belong elsewhere.

Love for the outsider; the misfit; the freak.

Love for those who hate themselves; who feel they can never deserve love.

Love for those who want to punish themselves.

Love for the worthless.

Love for those who hate; who despair.

Listen to our music. And see if you are part of our world. Our universe of Dark Love.


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